VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM UNPACKED Kedebone Motlatla lesego November 20, 2020


Video management system plays a pivotal role in centralized and remote monitoring.
PAISA video management system maximizes the operation of the entire video surveillance system.
Our VMS solution is designed for everyone. Whether you have a small business with five cameras or a large area to monitor with thousands of cameras, we got your back
PAISA VMS have a very intuitive interface that allows system operators to view live feed, pop-up alerts, video snapshots and export capabilities.
A good VMS must offer open architecture platform, meaning when you change the VMS you don’t need to change your hardware. Our VMS allows all major brands hardware solution allowing you to maximize in existing infrastructure.
PAISA VMS offers a rule based analytics and self-learning analytics capabilities to decide what information is important and to present to control room operators.
Finding the images or video recording of an incident can be draining and time consuming. But you don’t need to worry, our video analytics technology has the ability to search through hours of video files and locate a specific person or a vehicle of interest across a monitored area in a matter of seconds. 
PAISA VMS support ONVIF, HTTP AND RTSP protocols; this allows you to easily integrate our software with any devices and systems.
Another good thing about PAISA VMS is our licensing policy. We have a very flexible licensing policy to suits your needs. Depending on your needs you can choose between once-off purchase and subscription service. 

Facial recognition Heat map Unique visitor counting
License plate recognition Face detection Personnel monitoring
People counting PPE detection Crowd monitoring
Audio streaming process Tracking Suspect search
Sabotage detection People counting in queues Abandoned object detection
PTZ camera control Loud sound detection Shelf fullness check
Fisheye Deworping Face mask detection
Fail over Smoke and fire detection


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